Black Tie

Simple, elegant and a cool look, this is what a tuxedo stands for, with love to details such as custom made shoes , a bow tie as a statement for something extraordinary. Men’s jewellery from of the Leo Homme line is underlining with its satin finished cold enamel this attitude of a cool luxurious look- made in Germany.

The bangle made in 18 Kt white gold satin finished, is a perfect sample of a elegant, but understating look. The princess cut diamonds presents itself in a wonderful shiny way. A long with the bangle , there is matching pair of cufflinks and a ring available. The entire set stands for a clear and elegant look- totally gentleman like- for the man of today looking for something extraordinary .


The business look of today is becoming a new meaning and a new look. It’s is not only totally understatement , but a clear statement of the individual man. Using stylish and trendy accessories he is giving a clear message of being up to date with the latest fashion trends. So he is combining the classical white shirt with the traditional Kent collar with a silk tie or with a scarf made of cashmere, underlining the elegant attitude of him. Opposite his glasses have a clear and rational function. But a modern business look needs more to characterize the personality. The legendary cross , being since more than 25 years the icon of Leo Wittwer, is the perfect piece , with its cold enamel finished look , to achieve this unique and special look. The cross made in 18Kt white gold set with black diamonds, the matching cufflinks set with princess cut diamonds and featuring the same pattern of cold enamel are the perfect accessories for this smart business look. The bangle attracts a lot of admiration and symbolizes the new, cool look of maleness.

Smart Casual

The smart casual look is the perfect balance between leger and elegant clothing. With this look the man of today is perfectly equipped – for a business lunch or his leisure time. The beige coat has an elegant attitude, important to match are the brown calfsleather golves and the belt. For this outfit – the Roségold line of Leo Homme is the perfect match. The Leo Wittwer cross is satin finished and has a princess cut diamond set in the center part. The structure of the cold enamel gives a noble and stylish look to the bangle.

The stylish business bag is handmade , using a very unique leather, giving a special touch and with its excellent finish it is the perfect companion for your daily life.

The Biker Look

Born to be wild- reflecting your daily attitude or giving only a private statement- create your life upon your own standards.
To demonstrate this attitude of life it needs not only the mandatory biker
Leather jacket , but also cool and trendy leather bracelets, some of them set with diamonds. You can wear them single or combine several of them together- as you like. Handmade solid rings set with princess cut diamonds are giving masculine statement.


The casual outfits are reflecting coolness and a relaxing attitude. The pullover with its polo collar has a leger look, the jeans and the sneakers are a absolute must have. The Leo Wittwer cross with its black look appears cool and easy. The bangle made in 18Kt white gold and grey cold enamel combined with the grey leather bracelet with its circles and diamonds, are the perfect match for sporty, elegant look of the man wearing it.