The Riesling Cup 2016

A night full of enjoyment.

The Riesling Cup 2016 and the Leo Wittwer Event Night took place for the first time in cooperation with the Gourmet Magazin -Der Feinschmecker- on November 19 ,2016. The beautiful ballrooms and the entire Bel Etage of the Bayrische Hof Munich, were the elegant place for this exceptional venue.The elite of german winegrower presented their 2015 wines. Before this venue, a jury has tasted more than 400 riesling wines, and at this night the very best of them have awarded.

Leo Wittwer celebrated with several Leo Wittwer Partners and their VIP guests this special night. The hightlight of this evening was the Leo Wittwer Jewelry Show- uniques pieces of the Manufaktur Line were presented by the Leo Wittwer Event Team. Indeed this was a truly a night to remember.