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Leo Wittwer

finest Jewellery
since 1920

Opulent jewellery which nonetheless looks elegant and understated – the designers at Leo Wittwer are masters of the art of employing precious stones and pearls to achieve precisely this effect. At the same time, this stalwart of Pforzheim’s manufacturing sector, has repeatedly proven itself to be at the forefront of fashion.

Lavish, but never overdone: the gleaming sheen of white gold as counterpoint to the sparkle of pavé-set diamonds; the warm shine of rose gold perfectly compliments natural brown diamonds; a large solitaire rests in splendid isolation upon the shimmering, diamond-scudded band of a ring. These are a some of the classical elements to be found in the Leo Wittwer Collection, but one can also discover many innovations embodied in the pieces of jewellery created by one of Pforzheim’s premier manufacturers.

The majority of pieces from the House of Leo Wittwer retail for prices between 1.000,- and 6.000,- euro, a small price to pay for ones hearts desire. Moreover, whatever the client wants, be it in a different colour, with particular pearls or gemstones, with a different surface treatment or an alternative shape, Leo Wittwer can produce it. Working in collaboration with the client’s jeweller, the company is highly experienced in the design and crafting of individual one-of-a-kind pieces. This is only possible because every step of the jewellery´s production – from the initial drawings to the final manufacture – takes place at the firm’s own facility in Pforzheim.


We believe that our work speaks for us. Explore craftsmans work made in Germany.


Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to Leo Wittwer!

Leo Wittwer - finest Jewellery


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Leo Wittwer Partner Hölscher


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Nothing but the best is good enough for me

Frank Sinatra

made in Germany

Starting from the first drawing to final finishing, every piece of jewellery is manufactured from
highly skilled and motivated craftsmen entirely in Pforzheim, Germanys’ Gold town.
At your request, bespoke designs will be created in a close co-operation between your jeweller and our designers – almost everything you could wish for is possible.




Leo Wittwer – Making of LEO 2016

Leo Wittwer – Quality made in Germany

Leo Wittwer – Making of LEO